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Foam Warriorz Waiver

Please read the waiver below and fill out the required fields found in the following form sections. All liability language from the waiver will apply to all persons listed below.

I understand that I will be held to a standard conduct during the Foam Combat game play. Failure to abide by these rules will result in a warning or being expelled from the game without refund. I also understand that i may decline to participate in any part of the games at any time. I also understand that if i decline to play it does not constitute grounds for refund. I also understand by signing this waiver, that i will be voluntarily engaging in activity that may involve contact and the risk for serious injury, permanent disability, death, and may cause severe social and or economical losses due to my actions or other players actions or interactions. Further, I agree that I will not damage any equipment of Foam Warriorz or the premises. I agree to pay for any and all of the expenses that might relate to the participates care and treatment. I also understand that all Blasters used for game play can vary from recommended use for 5 years to 14 years plus. Any of those can be used during game play. I also understand that I am responsible for the participants that I sign for as Parent/Guardian and all of them will be held to the same standards and conditions in this waiver. I also acknowledge that I consent to having my picture taken and displayed on our website.

I understand all Patrons have a duty to exercise good judgment and act in a responsible manner while using the inflatables and other equipment, and while engaging in such activities. Patrons have a duty to obey all oral and written warnings, or both, prior to or during participation, or both. Patrons have a duty to not participate in any activity on inflatables, or engage in any other activity or use any other equipment, when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.Patrons have a duty to properly use all safety equipment provided. Patrons have a duty to not participate in any activity on any inflatable, or engage in other activities or use other equipment; if you have pre-existing medical conditions, circulatory conditions, heart or lung conditions, recent surgeries, back or neck conditions, knee or ankle conditions, high blood pressure, known pregnancy, any history of spine, muscular, or skeletal and head injuries, or if you may be pregnant.Patrons have a duty to remove inappropriate attire including hard, sharp or dangerous objects such as buckles, pens, purses, badges, and so forth.Patrons have a duty to avoid bodily contact with other patrons.Patrons have a duty to conform with or meet height, weight, or age restrictions imposed by the manufacturer or owner to use or participate in any inflatable activity, whether involving the use of inflatables, or otherwise.Patrons have a duty to avoid crowding or overloading individual sections of the inflatable court, or other equipment.Patrons also agree to follow and obey all posted and stated warnings and patrons education signs.Patrons agree to explain all safety rules to each Child you accompany, and ensure that each Child obeys the safety rules. I understand if any injuries occur at a Foam Warriorz facility due to voluntarily participating in Foam Combat, Inflatables, axe throwing or Arcade games I the parent/guardian am responsible for all medical expenses. I also understand if an accident happens in the party rooms, bathrooms, common areas or anywhere on the Foam Warriorz location premises Foam Warz LLC is not responsible due to us voluntarily being there and assuming the risk of an accident. If a medical emergency happens I give permission for a Foam Warriorz employee or staff member to perform CPR or any other method necessary to save mine or those I'm responsible for's lives. 

I understand I might be used in a promotional picture or video in advertisements or social media from participating in games or even being on the premises.

I understand Foam Warz LLC is not responsible for any injuries from participating in the axe throwing attraction to myself, anyone I sign for, anyone who came with me even if I'm not participating. I release Foam Warz LLC from any liability to any injuries including but not limited to cuts, appendages being cut off, death, or any other accident that could be associated with the axe throwing attraction. I understand I and all patrons must act responsibly or run the risk of being escorted from the facility with no refund. I understand I can decline to participate in any axe throwing game I'm uncomfortable with but without refund.

I understand by being on the premises around other people I myself or those that come with me could possibly contract viruses such as the flu, cover-19 and others. I understand and accept the risk.

I acknowledge I have read and understand this waiver and certify that all personal information is correct.
I wish to allow my email to be used for marketing purposes.
By signing this waiver, I agree that all information is complete and accurate.